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About the Chamber

The Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry is:

  • One of the leading business associations in the region.

We unite businessmen so that they would be able to solve the problematic issues. We represent and protect the interests of the enterprises and entrepreneurs of the Sverdlovsk region. More than 800 organizations of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region are the members of the Ural CCI.

  • Reliable assistant in the development of international relations.

We are building efficient interaction between the business communities of different countries and territories and this is one of the key competences of the Chamber. We organize more than 10 business missions every year. And a great many export contracts are concluded with the assistance of the Ural CCI.

  • Reputable expert organization.

We have highly qualified specialists to help regional business in the sustainable development. Annually our experts render more than 20 000 professional services to the business community.

  • Independent platform for dialogue.

We offer an independent platform for the process of self-organization of the business community and for the dialogue between the business society, power authorities and supervising bodies. Annually the Chamber organizes more than 1000 business events.

  • One of the established leaders among the Russian chambers.

The Ural CCI is one of the oldest chambers in Russia. In 2019 it celebrated the 60th anniversary. The Chamber is aimed at being at the top of the list preserving the status of the established leader. We rank among the top three chambers in Russia both in terms of the number of executed public initiatives and the volume of services provided. 

The Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates in accordance with the Articles of Association and Federal law “On the Chambers of Commerce and Industry”, basing on the Mission of the Chamber and corporative values. The highest collegial body is the Conference of the Members of the Chamber. The Council, Board and executive officers of the Chamber are in charge of the operational management.

The revision committee elected by the Conference of the Members supervises the activities of the Chamber.

The representation offices of the Chamber are located in the main industrial towns of the region: Serov, Kushva, Alapayevsk, Irbit, Pervouralsk and in Kamensk-Uralsky and Novouralsky the subsidiaries of the Ural CCI were set up.

The quality management system of the Ural CCI is certified for compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Contribution of the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the development of our regional economy cannot be overemphasized. The Chamber is one of the biggest organizations uniting representatives of the Urals business community. Close interaction of the regional Government authorities with the Ural CCI provides for prompt resolution of the issues related to the business activity growth, creation of favorable investment climate, rendering support to business community.

Yevgeny Kuyvashev, Sverdlovsk Region Governor


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